Please complete the information below to begin the motor claim process.

Once you have completed this initial form we will then ask you a few questions regarding your client's motor incident.

A link will also be sent to your email address or mobile phone number (if provided) so you can provide photos and videos to support your claim. To make things easy, you can switch between your laptop, phone or tablet to complete the form as the details you give us will be saved at each step. If you’ve taken or will be taking photos or a video on your phone it’ll be easier to complete those step that way. You can then switch back to your laptop to finish up if you wish.

You will be asked questions on the following 7 sections:

1. Claim Details

2. Vehicle Details

3. Driver Details

4. Passenger Details (if any)

5. Accident Liability

6. Third Party Details (if any)

7. Supporting Evidence (Photos / Videos / CCTV / Dashcam etc.)


We estimate a simple motor claim will likely take you about 5 - 10 minutes to complete. If you have a lot of supporting evidence (such as videos / dash cam / CCTV) it may take slightly longer as the media is uploaded to us.

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