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We're only able to accept your online claim if:

• You've lost something

• You've accidentally damaged the building or something inside your home, such as furniture or an electrical item

• You've had an escape of water (a leak)

• You've noticed your home or belongings have been damaged by rain or wind. Keep in mind that storm damage to hedges, gates and fences isn't covered on your policy

• The food in your freezer has been ruined

• You've had something stolen or someone has attempted to break into your property

• You have a subsidence related enquiry

If you are reporting any other type of claim, please call us on 0345 300 4647.

Paying your excess

When making your claim, you might need to pay an excess. It's worth checking your policy documents to see how much your excess is, as this might help you decide if you want to continue with your claim or not.

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Please ensure that when asked to enter your first name and surname, you do so as it appears on your policy documents.

Once you've given us your policy details, you'll be asked to tell us what happened - if you have photo or video evidence handy, this will help us start your claim quickly.

Accessibility: Our forms are set up so that you can use your device’s dictation software (where available) to complete any of the question boxes that require a text answer, please refer to your device user guide if you require any assistance in using this function.

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